The bedroom has been transformed into a tidy modern-looking bedroom

Before picture of bare wall in bedroom
After picture of large built in wall to wall wardrobe

What was the room like before?

The bedroom was fairly large, featuring two small alcoves and an unused fireplace, which likely added a bit of character but also posed a challenge in terms of space utilisation. Before the wardrobe was fitted, the room felt a bit underutilised and cluttered, with the alcoves and fireplace not serving a practical purpose. The overall atmosphere could have been that of a spacious yet possibly disorganised space, depending on how furniture and belongings were arranged”.

What was the room like after?

“After the installation of the wardrobe, the bedroom has been transformed into a tidy modern-looking bedroom. The wardrobe, covering one wall and cleverly incorporating the alcoves and the unused fireplace, has significantly enhanced the room’s functionality. Not only does it provide ample storage for clothes and other items, but its sleek finish contributes to a more polished and modern aesthetic. The room now feels tidier and more spacious, and the added storage makes it much easier to keep the space organised.

The wardrobe’s quality and design is simply beautiful, making the bedroom not just more practical but also more visually appealing and spacious. This transformation seems to have effectively addressed the need for storage while also improving the room’s overall look, feel, and sense of spaciousness”.

Materials Used:

MDF, Medium Density Fibre and hand-painted



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