Built in basement storage - Pantry, Wine Cellar and Man Cave

Run down basement picture
Built in basement storage with wine cellar, fridge and pantry

What homeowner Nick had to say.....

“Our North London Victorian terrace had a small basement, but it was damp, with different heights so you couldn’t stand up properly and was pretty yucky (Rainy referred to it as the upside down place in Stranger Things and refused to go down there).

Like all families, we needed more storage space for general household junk, bikes, lawn mower, tools etc and so made the decision to dig out the basement to make it a more usable storage space.

We didn’t want to move any of the existing structural supports, so these defined the footprint of the two new rooms and our contractor, Alblofts Ltd, had to shore up the party wall foundations whilst carefully digging down to gain the head-height we needed. Once the spaces were waterproofed and rendered, we then maximised the storage space with clever built in cupboards by Bespoke Carpentry London. In the first room, they designed and built space for a second freezer, drinks fridge and wine cooler alongside a pantry and coat cupboard for winter coats, boots and cycling stuff. In the second room, they created a ‘man cave’ workspace area and great adaptable storage to hide everything away.

The finishing touch was adding the beautiful wine racks by wineandbarrels.co.uk. We’ve always dreamt of having some kind of wine cellar and the space works perfectly for it and we’re thrilled with the result. It’s now a genuine pleasure to ‘pop down’ to the basement to grab a bottle of wine or extra tin of baked beans”.

Materials Used:

MDF, Medium Density Fibre and hand-painted


Turnpike Lane, North London

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