Solve Storage with Benches

At Bespoke Carpentry London, we understand the importance of maximising every inch of your home’s space especially in London where space can often come at a premium. That is why our custom-made built-in  storage benches serve as a versatile and stylish solution for optimising functionality while adding a touch of elegance to your living areas.


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Built-In Storage Benches

Bespoke Benches

These bespoke benches are designed and fitted to blend with your home’s interior, offering not just comfortable seating but also discreet storage compartments within their design. Ideal for hallways, under bay windows, kitchen-diners or living rooms, our tailored benches cleverly conceal ample storage space beneath their seats, providing a practical solution for stowing away shoes, blankets, or other household items, all while offering a comfortable spot to sit and relax.

Our team’s expertise lies in tailoring each storage bench to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you desire a contemporary design or a more traditional aesthetic, we custom-build each bench to match your home’s style cohesively.

Built in kitchen cupboards and storage seating
Built in kitchen storage bench.

Bench Seating

Having a built-in storage bench in your home, especially with kids, offers numerous advantages that contribute to a more organised and efficient living space. Simply, it serves as a versatile solution for storing toys, books, games, and other children’s belongings. By integrating storage into the bench design, it helps keep the kids play area tidy and minimises clutter, promoting a more organised environment.

Additionally, a built-in storage bench provides a designated seating area where kids can comfortably sit, read, or engage in various activities. It encourages a sense of orderliness by offering a designated spot for play or relaxation, to keep their belongings organised within the designated storage compartments. Moreover, this type of bench can also serve as a multifunctional piece, potentially doubling as a homework station or craft area, providing a dedicated space for kids to engage in their creative pursuits while keeping supplies neatly stored away when not in use.

Bay Window Seat Benches

Bay windows are a distinctive feature of many London properties, offering an architectural charm that can be optimised by incorporating a seating area with storage. These window seats not only utilise the often underutilised space within bay windows but also provide additional seating in areas where square footage is limited.

The inclusion of storage within the bay window seat becomes particularly advantageous in London homes due to the city’s compact living spaces. The built-in storage compartments beneath the seating area helps to declutter and organise living spaces effectively. Additionally, these storage units can be customised to fit the contours of the bay window, making the most of every available inch without encroaching on valuable floor space.

By combining functionality and craftsmanship at Bespoke Carpentry Ltd, our fitted storage benches not only add a chic and purposeful element to your decor but also elevate the overall organisation and efficiency of your living spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and utility within your home.

Built In bay window seat in living room with cushions on top.
Built in green storage bench in kitchen

Kitchen Storage Bench

Transform your kitchen diner with our custom-designed storage benches. These custom multifunctional furniture pieces seamlessly merge comfortable seating with also helping facilitate storage solutions. Crafted to complement your kitchen diner’s layout, these tailored benches are not just seating areas; they cleverly conceal ample storage space beneath, offering an ideal solution for stowing away table linens, dinnerware, board games or culinary essentials.

Designed with precision and an eye for detail, our bespoke benches enhance the functionality of your kitchen diner while adding a touch of sophistication to your dining area, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and practicality within your home.

Hallway Storage Bench

Having a storage bench in the hallway near the front door offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond its surface function as a seating area. Firstly, it serves as a convenient spot for sitting while putting on or taking off shoes, providing a practical transition space as you enter or exit the home. Additionally, a storage bench in the hallway maximises the use of often-underutilised space, offering subtle storage compartments beneath the seat. This storage space is perfect for tucking away items like shoes, umbrellas, seasonal accessories, or pet accessories, helping to keep the hallway tidy and organised.

Furthermore, a storage bench near the front door acts as a welcoming focal point, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for both residents and guests. It not only adds an element of style and functionality to the hallway but also serves as a convenient solution for storing frequently used items, ensuring they’re easily accessible yet neatly concealed.

Fitted bay window seat, made with MDF and hand-painted

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