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Custom Entertainment Units

- Fully bespoke fitted media units ,designed to fit your vision.
- Maximizing every inch of the room.
- Bringing aesthetics and practical solutions together.
- Over 26 years of experience.
- Using MDF wood and hand-painted.

- Fully bespoke Media Units
- Designed to fit your vision
- Maximizing every inch of the room
- Over 26 years of experience
- Using MDF wood and hand-painted

Bespoke Carpentry London

Fitted Media Units

In the era of high-tech home entertainment, the need for a well organised and beautifully pleasing media space has never been more apparent. This is where bespoke built-in media units with custom cabinets come into play, offering a blend of style and functionality. These tailor made solutions cater to your unique storage and display needs, transforming your living space into a hub of entertainment while maintaining a sense of order and elegance.

Bespoke built-in media units are more than just TV stands; they are versatile, multi-functional installations designed to house all your entertainment equipment and keep your living space organised. Custom cabinets and shelving are perfectly fitted to fit your room's dimensions, ensuring every inch of space is utilised efficiently. These units offer a platform to organise gaming consoles, sound systems, DVD collections, and more, creating a focal point for all your entertainment needs.

At Bespoke Carpentry Ltd we specialise in helping you devise a well thought out design, where you can curate a tidy and sleek environment where every cable, controller, and DVD has its dedicated place, reducing clutter and adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

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"We could not be happier with the fantastic job Paolo and his team did for us. They were all extremely helpful, responsive, friendly and reliable."

Stephen G. - London

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"The turnaround from me seeing an ad for Bespoke Carpentry to me having a fantastic wardrobe built, decorated and full of clothes was super speedy."

Mrs F.C. - London

About Us
Established Since 1996

My name is Paolo Fedeli and I created this company in 1996, and have been working here as a custom, specialist carpenter since then.

I am an experienced carpenter, with a good reputation for good value for money regardless of the size of your job.

have a customer-oriented approach, I like to find out what you need and want and keep our service very personalised. I will involve you at each step of planning and design and my priority is to create the furniture to fit your space as you desire it.

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Built in TV and Media units

One of the major advantages of bespoke built-in media units is their ability to harmonise style and functionality. These custom creations are designed to suit your space, catering to your specific needs and personal taste.

Custom shelving is another feature that elevates built-in media units. These shelves provide an opportunity to showcase your collectibles, books, art pieces, and more. Whether you're arranging your collection of vintage vinyl records, creating a mini-library, or displaying your gaming memorabilia, custom shelving adds a touch of elegance and personality to your media unit. These shelves are like your canvas, where you're the artist, transforming your media centre into an engaging and beautifully organised space.

Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist look or a more traditional, classic design, these custom installations can be tailored to match your vision. The materials, finishes, and configurations are virtually limitless, giving you the freedom to create a media unit that complements your room's aesthetics. With custom cabinets offering hidden storage, you can keep unsightly cables and equipment concealed, achieving a clean and uncluttered look that adds to the overall appeal of your living space.

TV Cabinets

Bespoke built-in media units with custom cabinets and shelving offer a solution that combines form and function in perfect harmony. Whether you're looking to create a sleek, modern entertainment centre or a classic and timeless display, these custom units are the key to a coherent and visually appealing home, enhancing the overall charm and performance of your living space.

Incorporating fitted sliding doors or folded cabinet doors to conceal the TV provides a clever and stylish solution that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the living room. These sliding doors not only keep the TV hidden when it's not in use but also contribute to a clutter-free environment. The living room can now be a versatile space for relaxation, socialising, or other activities without the TV dominating the visual landscape. When it's time to enjoy your favourite shows or movies, a gentle slide of the doors or folding back the doors reveals the screen, creating a cinematic and immersive experience. This feature adds an elegant touch to the living room, making it a versatile and inviting space for both entertainment and relaxation.

By offering dedicated storage and display opportunities while smoothly matching your interior design, these bespoke carpentry solutions elevate the functionality of your home, ensuring that your entertainment space is both impressive and orderly.

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Fully Bespoke Entertainment Units

If you would prefer to have electronic devices behind closed doors but want to make sure they can still be operated remotely we can fit a textile, metal or wooden screen or mesh door which solves this problem but which is also very in vogue.

These doors allow you to have the full use of your electric goods without the need of having plastic boxes hidden away or something similar but instead adding decorative value to your home whilst being practical. With customised doors added to your cabinets, wardrobes or mudroom furniture you can create a sophisticated look that might otherwise have been more plain or unsightly.

Again we can customise all units – you can have as many shelves as we can fit at varying heights and widths. You can have some open shelves, some drawers, some cupboards, an open space specifically sized to fit the TV screen or speakers. With all this possibility you can really maximise the us of your space and enhance it.

Solving Storage Problems With Fitted Entertainment Units

Why entertainment units have become popular

Clears space in your living room

Bespoke entertainment units can be built to create any type of storage space in mind, including drawers, cupboards, bookcase, wine rack or display shelving. They offer a perfect solution for living room clutter – your children’s toys and other living room clutter can go in the cupboard, hidden behind the doors. Also, glassware and vases can go on the shelves to keep them out of the reach of your children.

Clears space in your living room

Regular entertainment units are usually bulky and lack a sense of style. They were built to accommodate the ever-growing size of the television. They take a lot of floor space and are not designed to hide house consoles and cables. A bespoke entertainment unit is a perfect solution since they can be built to fit the available space and attain awkward shapes and angles. It provides enough support for televisions of various sizes and does a great job hiding cables and other electric gadgets.

Hundreds of design and material combos

Bespoke entertainment units can be built to match your current furniture and living room settings with ease. There are several materials and design combinations that you can choose from to build a bespoke entertainment unit that suits your taste, also, taking account of your available space and needs so that you can add your own personal touch.

They are aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically, bespoke entertainment units are a fantastic addition to your living room. The skilled designer at Bespoke Carpentry London can create appealing entertainment units that will transform your living room into a social entertainment room. The contemporary design ideas can be fitted into living spaces of any size.

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