How We Work

  • Once your enquiry has been answered either by phone or email or both:
  • We book you in to measure up the space and go over your plans for your new furniture – discussing all options.
  • Following on from there we will send you a full and detailed quotation.
  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead your job will be scheduled in for the next available time.
  • We will ask you for a 20% deposit and once this is paid we will send you drawings of your piece. At this time you have the opportunity to make any adjustments you want to your design; we will revise the drawings until you fully approve of them.
  • Material will be cut off site to reduce dust in your home.
  • We ensure to cover your floor and all furniture for the full duration of the work.
  • At the end of the first working day an additional payment of 20% will be asked for with subsequent payments scheduled as the work progresses.
  • After the carpentry has been completed the painting, where required, is booked in situ.
  • We do our best to minimize disruption and work to complete the job as fast as possible whilst staying in close communication with you throughout.
  • We do a thorough clean at the end and try to leave your space as clean as when we first arrived.
  • At this point final payment is due.

We predominantly use MDF to build the client’s bespoke furniture. The reasons we use this engineered wood is down to its durability and versatility. Engineered wood is hard to crack or flex and is generally smooth meaning it is easier to sand, prime and hand-painted without having to worry about knots in the finished product.

Yes MDF is durable. MDF is the British standard and the most used material on the market today. It is durable, and a lot cheaper than general wood which is often limited in use due to only being able to access it in small size planks which require more expensive and timeconsuming fitting. We are extremely experienced in using MDF and know how to shape it and bring it to its full glory.

Due to the nature of bespoke carpentry and that it is fitted precisely to the client’s space no matter how wonky the ceiling, walls and floors may be we always build and fit on-site. However we pre-cut the wood off-site in our workshop and have this delivered to your home which does help to reduce the amount of dust and noise in your home. We do keep disruption to a bear minimum as we are very aware that more and more people are also working from home so we arrange things to get your work done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Whilst the majority of the pieces are cut off site certain trickier parts will need to be cut onsite so as to get them millimetre perfect. Therefore it is part of our ethos that we always ensure a thorough preparation of the room by covering all floors and furniture for the full duration of the work. Upon completion of your job we also do a thorough clean and work to leave the space as clean as when we first arrived.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and time keeping. We are aware that our clients want the units to be built and installed as quickly as possible with no time wasted and that’s what we endeavour to do on each project. Depending on the size and complexity of the carpentry work we begin and complete within a satisfactory time frame whilst keeping the room tidy.

We don’t, as there are hundreds of different models and styles out there and trying to guess our client’s taste or look they are going for is much too risky. We advise clients to purchase the handles of their choice way in advance, so they have enough time to explore all options. However we can recommend a shop or two where you can buy these. We do install your handles free of charge, can recommend what size to buy and advise you as to best location to fit them.

Yes, we use soft close for doors and drawers. They are a popular option currently. We do use the highest quality hinges in the industry, however if you do decide to have soft close there will be an additional cost.

It is better to hand-paint the bespoke units once fully fitted in your home. With the transportation, moving and installing the units there are many chances the pre-painted wood could be damaged in the process.

We are currently in the process of being able to create 3D drawings and we are thoroughly excited to add this to our service in the near future – watch this space!