Paolo Fedeli - Your Local Carpenter in London

Paolo Fedeli, owner of Bespoke Carpentry London

Welcome to our world of exquisite craftsmanship and tailored design at Bespoke Carpentry London. For over 26 years, we’ve been transforming spaces, maximising every nook and cranny to create bespoke furniture that embodies elegance and functionality.

Founded by the visionary Italian craftsman Paolo Fedeli, whose childhood passion for woodworking blossomed into a lifelong dedication to the profession, our carpentry company thrives on the principle of translating precise visions into reality.

With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Paolo stands as the driving force behind a distinguished London-based carpentry company established in 1996. A true artisan at heart.

Paolo’s carpentry curiosity was ignited by the coast in Italy, San Benedetto Del Tronto when he was as little as 5 years old. His father purchased a pine wooden shack where he would spend most of his time after school gazing in admiration at his fathers custom-made creations. At that moment Paolo distinctly decided and knew what he wanted to be and do in life.

His story began as a young apprentice, where he worked with a local carpenter at the spritely age of 14 and he thoroughly enjoyed learning this new craft. Unfortunately, his father no longer allowed Paolo to work in the workshop as he felt it would not put food on the table.

That did not stop Paolo in his pursuit of excellence in woodworking. At the prominent age of 21 years, he embarked on a 2 year course in Fine Arts and further went on to study Art & Eco Design. His new found knowledge, previous hands-on experience, coupled with an innate talent for precision and design, has cultivated an unparalleled mastery in the art of carpentry. Over the years, his commitment to quality craftsmanship has earned him a reputable standing within the industry.

Paolo’s profound expertise extends beyond the mere construction of furniture; it embodies a deep understanding of how wood can shape and enhance living environments. His ethos revolves around infusing soul and character into every project, crafting unique pieces that resonate with individual tastes whilst offering good value for money regardless of the size of the job.

Paolo has an incredible customer-oriented approach where he likes to find out what the home-owner really needs and wants and creates a personalised yet highly professional service for each individual to elevate the ambiance of homes and businesses alike. He takes pleasure and pride in involving the client in the process, whether that is the planning or the design aspect, his priority is to create the unique furniture you require and desire for your home.

With a wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to his craftsmanship, Paolo’s journey in the woodworking industry spans decades, resonating with a fervent passion for creating bespoke pieces that breathe life into spaces.