Fitted wardrobes in your bedroom utilise floor space. Having bespoke units securely installed offers plenty of storage space with furnishing the wardrobes with either built-in drawers, practical pull-out shelves, whole clothing rails or pull down clothing rails for your clothes, shoes and even bed linen.


Capitalising on empty or unused space with bespoke fitted cupboards or alcove cabinets in your home turns that unoccupied space into a useful and helpful storage area. Our units always fit flush to the wall stopping dust from collecting in any gaps.

TV Units

The living room can be a hub of activity for any family or household and a place to chill and unwind. Having a built-in entertainment unit with a space for the TV, customising it to your needs with either a desk for homework or a wfh space, with a variety of cabinets and shelves to display books and memories to adorn you can make it unique and useful for you.


Built-in bookcases and bespoke shelving units are a great addition to unutilised spaces without being bulky or overpowering. You can get creative with the space in the room and design it to your desired specifications. In addition to the design, built-in fitted shelves are safer than a free standing bookcase. Shelving units offer that luxury of displaying your treasured items and help open up a small space.

Shelving Units

Built-in shelving units offer a wealth of advantages that make them a sound investment for homeowners, offering a bespoke solution to elevate the aesthetics, organisation, and functionality of your living space.

Loft Furniture

A converted loft bedroom benefits greatly with fitted furniture due to the sloping ceilings and unusual eaves creating natural alcoves for unique storage space. Furnishing the room with bespoke cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes helps make use of the space most effectively and compliments the space too, saving more floor space.

Home Offices

With a higher percentage of us working from home, or more remotely a functioning and practical home office is becoming a must in many homes. Having a separate space to work from rather than in our bedroom gives us the separation of worklife and homelife. Installing a bespoke desk, cabinets and shelves creating a workspace at home to help your productivity and creativity is what we are good at.

Understairs Storage

Utilising storage space under the stairs is a clever way to maximise staircase storage space that would otherwise go to waste. Sliding drawers or fitted sloping cabinets provide a way to hide unsightly items, muddy shoes and hanging up coats for smaller homes that may not have enough closet space.

Window Seats

Unique and custom-made bay window seats are a versatile addition to any home. They offer a comfortable and stylish place to sit, as well as extra storage space. Whether you want a cozy spot to read a book or a place to entertain guests, a fitted bay window seat can transform an unused space into a functional and attractive feature of your home.

Storage Benches

Storage benches are versatile pieces that serve a dual purpose, providing comfortable seating while discreetly concealing ample storage space within. Ideal for hallways, kitchen-diners, bedrooms, or living rooms, they offer a clever solution for keeping clutter at bay by storing items like shoes, blankets, board games or books, all while doubling as a convenient seating spot to add your favourite cushions on.

Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are more than just stylish additions to your space; they are functional solutions that enhance both safety and aesthetics. These covers offer a protective barrier around these often cumbersome radiators, preventing accidental burns while adding a sleek touch to your room’s decor. They also serve as an opportunity to personalise your space, as many covers we provide come in various designs and finishes, complementing your interior style.