30 Ideas for your Built-In Bookshelves

Are you for a built-in bookshelf? Below are over 50 designs and ideas of bookcases. All images were taken at our client’s houses in London. All our built-in bookshelves are made with MDF and hand-painted. Free quotes and design visits.


For most people, a bookshelf represents everything important to them. It holds views about life, history, politics, sports, business, and a whole lot more all in one place. If you have guests over, they can tell a lot about you as a person by scanning your book collection.  Built-in  bookshelves can come in various shapes, sizes and material, and their flexibility and aesthetics are why most homeowners have them.

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Bookshelves with Character

Built-In Bookshelves

Regular bookshelves have spaces on the side and top and are generally not built to maximise available space in your room. You can choose a bespoke bookshelf that will allow you to make use of every available space without leaving gaps that can collect dust and allow spiders to thrive. Every inch of the available space can be utilised – from the ceiling to the floor, television, internet hub and other entertainment devices. If you want to transform your home into a spacious, warm and organised room, then you should consider bespoke bookshelves.

One of the true beauties of hand-crafted bespoke cupboards lies in their ability to maximise space efficiently. They transform underutilised nooks and crannies into valuable storage areas, providing a harmonious and uncluttered environment. With customised shelving and drawers designed to suit your specific needs, these cupboards are made-to-measure, ensuring everything has its place.

But perhaps the most enchanting aspect of built-in bespoke cupboards is their versatility. They are equally at home in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, or home offices, making them a versatile addition to any living space.

Built in Bookshelf in living room with 2 cupboard doors at the bottom for storage. Designed by local joiner at Bespoke Carpentry London.
Built in shelving unit, shaped liked a T to store books.

Shelving Units for your Books

For those who prefer an open and flexible approach to book storage, custom-made shelving units provide a practical and stylish solution. These units can be designed to blend beautifully with your room’s decor, allowing your books to take centre stage. Floating shelves offer endless possibilities for organising and showcasing your cherished books. They encourage you to curate your personal library with artistic flair, creating an ever-evolving display that tells the story of your reading journey.

Alcove Bookshelves

Alcove bookshelves are the answer to those perplexing recesses on either side of your fireplace, or within alcoves. Custom-made to fit these unique spaces, they transform underutilised nooks into coveted storage areas for your literary treasures. These bookshelves are like architectural puzzles, fitting snugly into challenging spaces and turning them into sophisticated showcases for your books. They not only add character to your room but also make the most of every inch of available space, combining both form and function with artistic grace.

Built in alcove bookcase with floating shelves
Built-in cupboard with shelving units in living room

Bookcase with Doors

Bookcases with doors offer a splendid fusion of style and functionality. These custom creations not only keep your books dust-free but also allow you to curate a concealed library, unveiling a world of stories with a dramatic flourish when the doors are opened. From sleek, contemporary designs to classic, antique-inspired bookcases, these storage solutions cater to a range of tastes and preferences. Whether you choose to display or hide your collection, bookcases with doors are the epitome of elegance, turning your home into a literary sanctuary where each book is a hidden gem.

Custom Bookcases For Kids

Custom-made bookcases for kids are more than just storage; they are gateways to imagination. These bespoke creations are designed with young readers in mind, encouraging a lifelong love of books. These bookshelves can be customised with fun and whimsical designs, from imaginative themes to vibrant colours, turning them into a delightful and functional part of your child’s space. These bookcases encourage a sense of ownership and pride in their room, making tidying up and reading a more enjoyable and immersive experience for your little ones.

In conclusion, bespoke bookshelves and bookcases are the key to a beautifully organised home that reflects your personal style and love for literature. Whether it is alcove bookshelves, bookcases with doors, open shelving units, or custom creations for kids, these tailor-made storage solutions can transform your living space into a readers paradise. They are more than just furniture; they are testaments to your love for reading and design, adding an extra layer of personality and charm to your home.

Custom made cabinets and shelves for children's bedroom
Built-in cupboard with bookshelf, desk and seating area.

Solving Storage Problems With Fitted Bookshelves

With bespoke bookshelves, you are saving space, while having easy access to items that you would normally miss. Nothing feels better than having everything in the right place and reducing clutter. Having this piece of custom furniture in your home is worth it in every way that you can think of.