Create a homely nook full of your favourite things

Before picture of an empty alcove space
After picture of a transformation of a custom made corner alcove bookshelf.

What was the room like before?

“The space in the room before felt like it wasn’t being utilised as best as it could be. It was a bit of a wasted area and we knew that we wanted to make it the best corner possible. Seemed only sensible to utilise the full space, from ceiling to floor, and it worked a charm”.

What was the room like after?

 “Now the space in the full feels like it’s filling a purpose. We like that it looks like the bookshelf has always been there and blends into the room perfectly. It’s created a really homely nook, full of lots of our favourite things and it’s a great little spot to retreat to”,

Materials Used:

MDF, Medium Density Fibre and hand-painted


Southwark, SE17, London