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Here at Bespoke Carpentry Tooting Bec  we can provide built in and fitted furniture in Tooting Bec and the surroundings areas. 


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Marianna, our In-House Designer is here to bring your visions into reality.

Over 26 Years of Experience in Carpentry

Discover the realm of exceptional craftsmanship and tailored design at Bespoke Carpentry Ltd in Tooting. For more than 26 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming spaces, maximising every corner and crevice to fashion built-in furniture that epitomises both elegance and functionality.

Envisioned by the gifted Italian artisan Paolo Fedeli, our carpentry company thrives on Paolo’s childhood zeal for woodworking, which evolved into a lifelong commitment to the craft. Our ethos revolves around translating precise visions into tangible realities.

At Bespoke Carpentry Tooting, we take immense pride in our ability to meticulously craft furniture, custom made to your specifications, breathing life into your unique concepts. No space remains underutilised in our eyes, every inch represents an opportunity, and our joiners are dedicated to channelling that potential.

Our carpentry services in Tooting encompass a spectrum of bespoke solutions tailored to elevate your living space. From intricately designed bespoke wardrobes and custom cupboards crafted to fit seamlessly into your home’s layout, to the sophistication of bespoke bookcases and innovative media units meticulously designed to merge function with style.

Our “wonder wardrobes” we call them are tailored to your bedroom’s measurements, marrying elegance with functionality. Crafted with precision, these wardrobes not only optimise storage but also seamlessly integrate into your home’s design creating a clutter-free and calm environment.

From kitchen to hallway storage, our custom cupboards are meticulously designed to maximise utility without compromising on style and individuality. Each cupboard is a hand-made solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Our bespoke bookcases which are a testament to refined craftsmanship, offering a personalised space for your literary treasures. Every bookcase is designed to complement your style while organising your collection elegantly. 

Our renowned fitted media units combine technology and design effortlessly. These bespoke units made by our joiners in our workshop provide a stylish home for your entertainment systems.

We specialise in crafting custom made storage solutions for smaller, often awkward spaces such as under-the-stairs or creating custom fitted furniture in new loft conversions. Transforming these underutilised spaces, such as under the stairs provides clever and accessible storage options, custom-designed to optimise the often-overlooked areas of your home.

With our loft furniture, whether it’s wardrobes, desks, or storage, our loft furniture solutions maximise space and style. Crafted to fit the unique angles and spaces of the sloping roofs, our furniture adds both functionality and charm.

Finally with a high percentage of us now working from home or working a hybrid model, our bespoke home offices are designed to inspire productivity. Tailored to your preferences, they offer practicality and comfort, creating an inviting workspace within your home.

Whatever your home needs, our skilled joiners are here to help! With an extensive background in furniture design and carpentry, our friendly and devoted carpenters place your aspirations at the core of our work. We deeply value your individual style and preferences, collaborating closely with you in Tooting to shape custom-made furniture pieces that not only mirror your aesthetic but also elevate your space and home. 

Embark on a journey with us at Bespoke Carpentry Ltd where passion meets expertise, and allow us to materialise your visions.

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Marianna, our In-House Designer is here to bring your visions into reality.

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