Under Eaves Wardrobes

Fitted Under Eaves Wardrobes

Under eaves wardrobes ingeniously make use of those often-overlooked spaces, beautifully integrating with the unique contours of sloped ceilings. These bespoke wardrobes capitalise on the otherwise underutilised areas, seamlessly fitting into the angles and curves of the room, effectively maximising every inch of available space.

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Bespoke Wardrobes

These custom-built units cater to specific needs, providing tailored storage solutions for clothing, shoes, or miscellaneous items, while their unobtrusive design seamlessly blends into the room’s architecture. Under eaves wardrobes offer not just practical storage but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room, enhancing the style and functionality of the room.

Built in wardrobe with desk in loft space.


Nick - Home owner

Rachel - Home owner