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Fitted Loft Furniture

Custom Furniture in your Loft or Attic

There is something to be said for utilising the slanting ceiling and eaves in an attic or topmost room in a house. Here is where you can gain A LOT of storage space - but only with bespoke furniture and custom made wardrobes, drawers, cupboards or shelves that fit the space perfectly. Here is where fitted loft furniture can be a solution.

Fitted Loft Furniture
Bespoke Loft Furniture

Slanted Ceilings and Eaves

Often the recessed part of the eaves are blocked off by builders –viewing the space as unusable. However when we knock these out there are so many possibilities with bespoke carpentry. Sometimes we cut this out and build a frame and fit custom doors so that there is an extra cupboard space (very useful for that artificial Christmas tree and decorations that need to be stored somewhere!). Other times we have created drawer units and even pull down cupboard doors revealing extra shelves. There are numerous possibilities!

All possibilities can then be painted to match that of the room and thereby create a seamless transition from the wall to the custom built furniture so that your bespoke cupboards, drawers or shelves look like they have always been there.

With all this gained storage from what before was just ‘dead space’ you can hide away things that before had to be exposed because there was nowhere to put them. So you end up with a wonderfully calm top floor bedroom or a super organised attic office or loft storage room.

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