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Fitted Furniture

If you want to maximise storage space and get the most out of every part of your house whilst creating an air of seamless organisation consider having some bespoke fitted furniture built in your home.

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"We could not be happier with the fantastic job Paolo and his team did for us. They were all extremely helpful, responsive, friendly and reliable."

Stephen G. - London

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"The turnaround from me seeing an ad for Bespoke Carpentry to me having a fantastic wardrobe built, decorated and full of clothes was super speedy."

Mrs F.C. - London

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Established Since 1996

My name is Paolo Fedeli and I created this company in 1996, and have been working here as a custom, specialist carpenter since then.

I am an experienced carpenter, with a good reputation for good value for money regardless of the size of your job.

have a customer-oriented approach, I like to find out what you need and want and keep our service very personalised. I will involve you at each step of planning and design and my priority is to create the furniture to fit your space as you desire it.

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Custom Fitted Furniture

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt that everything just seemed to have its own correct place? And how could you make your own home as organised?

Often you’ll find those homes have bespoke furniture, fitted not just to the exact spaces of the individual rooms in the house but also to the needs of the owners and their personal items.

With bespoke furniture you can do almost anything! Bespoke wardrobes, fitted cupboards, bespoke alcove units, bespoke TV units, custom bookshelves, desks, custom radiator covers – you name it and we can pretty much do it!

Fitted Cupboards and Bookcases

Fitted cupboards or custom bookcases in an alcove in a living, dining room or kitchen can gain you much needed storage space or shelving units. With bespoke carpentry you have the flexibility to bring the height of your fitted furniture right to the ceiling as well as maximising the full width of the alcove – with no gaps. This way you can have a much bigger shelf space than could have been achieved with a ready-made unit.

Then you can decide whether you have open shelves or closed off cupboard space. The doors to any cupboards can be simple and apparently seamless with the wall or jazzed up to create a feature piece for the room. Whilst open shelving can be used to display your nicest crockery or any decorative pieces you haven’t been able to make such a statement with previously.

These units can really enhance a room that otherwise would have dead space in it whilst also meaning you don’t over fill your kitchen cupboards. Using bespoke joinery you can also make it unique to your home and your style.

Custom Furniture

In old houses or new you can have a space or alcove in your room that is just too good an opportunity to miss. Then you imagine your perfect bit of furniture to fit that space and when you choose a pre-made piece of flat-packed furniture you spend the time assembling it just to find it doesn’t really fit properly and isn’t giving you the full return on your money. With bespoke carpentry you can fill ANY space of ANY size – uneven surfaces, sloped ceilings, angled walls, spaces under the eaves - you name it.

Even those ceilings and walls that have coving or cornices can be worked with and in this way maximise every bit of space that you have available to you.

For example when you have a fitted wardrobe built you can have it flush to the ceiling or end off just before the cornice but either way you almost always get an extra bit of height just by being able to determine the precise cut off point. This way you gain extra storage space and can get top box cupboards as part of your built in wardrobes. This kind of fitted bedroom furniture allows you to store those items in the room that you don’t always need but want easy access to when the time comes – like suitcases or winter duvets and clothes.

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