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Fitted Cupboards

Bespoke Fitted Cupboards and Wardrobes

You can easily purchase any kind of furniture to suit your taste these days. There are many furniture stores that offer a variety of flat pack furniture for your homes. However, more homeowners are choosing bespoke furniture for several reasons. There is an increasing desire by people to add a personal touch to their interior decor more than ever. This explains why there is a growing demand for bespoke furniture including fitted cupboards, bookcases, entertainment units, wardrobes and many more.

If you consider getting your interior decor fitting right a priority, then you should invest in bespoke furniture, considering the fact that you get to determine the final design and how it will fit in your home. For instance, cupboards and wardrobes are just as important as any other piece of furniture, and you can design them to match the general theme of your home. You can’t do without them. They are needed in almost every area of the home – the bathroom, kitchen, living room, closet, etc.

Living in an apartment or flat in a city like London could mean that you do not have the luxury of space. And you need to get creative with managing the little space available to you. Bespoke cupboards and wardrobes are the perfect solution since you can design them to fit and provide a practical solution without compromising style. Not only are you making the most out of the available space, you will also be giving your apartment a modern look.

Many homes have a lot of underutilised space. If you are struggling with a lack of space in your home, chances are that your cupboards and wardrobes are not built to fit. Regular cupboards and wardrobes in the bedroom, kitchen, and closets, have gaps on their sides, behind, and the top area. They may even be too shallow to accommodate your ironing board, your DIY tools, or that famous Henry’s vacuum. While many people make use of the top space of their wardrobes as an extra space to keep their shoes, boxes, and other items that they rarely use, the top space is also prone to collecting dust. Over time that space can be a pain to clean.

Custom Fitted Cupboards
Fitted Cupboards

Fitted cupboards are easier to clean

If you leave in a traditional house with regular cupboard and wardrobes, you already know the pain that comes with cleaning. At one point or the other, you may have had an item, maybe cutlery or piece of trash, get stuck in the gap beside or behind the cupboard. Over time, these gaps collect items and dust, and since they are hard to reach, they are extremely tough to clean and you can’t seem to ignore those annoying eyesore. Why not save yourself the trouble and opt for fitted cupboard and wardrobe? They are measured to fit the space perfectly without any room to collect dust and dirt. You can have them built to your taste, with designs that match your home furniture and personality.

The flexibility of bespoke furniture is one of the main reasons why many homeowners are having their cupboards and wardrobes built by bespoke furniture companies. These bespoke furniture companies can build your cupboards and wardrobes to perfection, with the sides, top, and behind perfectly flush with the wall or even off the floor, so that you do not need to move them to clean around them like regular or standard size furniture. Bespoke cupboards and wardrobes is a fantastic storage solution that allows you to create more space to store and organise your clothes, shoes, bags, and other items.

You can choose from a variety of trending bespoke furniture styles, whether classical or modern, including leather sofa, custom reclining sofas, fitted cupboards and wardrobes, and many more.

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