50 Storage ideas for you home

Below you will find before and afters of 50 storage ideas for your home with built in storage.

Built in loft bed with desk

Built in cabin and loft bed in a child’s bedroom

Before picture of tiny studio
Pull out desk of a built in loft bed

Tiny studio flat wherby we we found a space saving way to create a homely space with a built in cabin feature.

Before picture of a kitchen cupboard and storage seating
Built in kitchen cupboards and storage seating

Extra storage in the kitchen with a built in kitchen wardrobe with seating area

Under stairs space with coats
White under storage wardrobe with 5 doors

Have loads of coats and shoes?  What about some under stairs storage.

Run down basement picture
built in basement storage with pantry

A run down basement was converted to a wine cellar, pantry and extra stroage for Christmas decor, sports gear and winter coats.

Before picture of a built in TV unit in a living room in Clapham.
Large wall to wall built in TV unit with lots of storage space in a living room

Big empty walls is a perfect excuse to have a built in TV wall unit with lots of stroage shelving for books.

Before picture of a bay window
Built In bay window seat in living room with cushions on top.

Bay window areas leaves options to create storage with built in storage by placing window seats.

Before picture of a loft room

Under eaves spaces is a great way to use all available storage in a bedroom. 

Built-in shelving unit over the door

Over the door shelving unit for extra storage 

Before picture of a room in Battersea
Built in bookshelf with 8 shelving spaces for books. Made with MDF and hand-painted.

Have a lot of books, use that empty wall to add a bookcase.

Before picture of a music room
White alcove cupboard in alcove space to store vinyl records and TV

Combine an empty wall and alcove unit to create a bespoke storage solution for your music records.

Before picture of built in kitchen wardrobe.
Built in wardrobe in Kitchen

An empty wall space can be use to be a kitchen cupboard

Before picture of a boiler cupboard
Custom made wardrobe hiding boiler

Boilers can be hidden with cupboards and used to store vacuum cleaners and mops.

Before picture of a bedroom in Peckham.
Fitted over the bed wardrobe, made with MDF and hand-painted.

Over the door wardrobes is a great way to utilise every inch of space in the bedroom.

Before picture of wardrobe installation
2 alcove wardrobes

Use your alcove spaces to add fitted wardrobes.

Before picture of a loft space.
Fitted white loft wardrobe in bedroom

Under eaves spaces could be used for a spare wardrobe in the loft room.

Before picture of a living room with empty alcove spaces
Built in alcove cupboards to store drinks and vinyl records.

Using the unutilised alcove spaces in your living room can create a more homely feel. 

Before picture of hallway wardrobe.
Built-in hallway cupboard

An extra wardrobe in your hallway

Before space where a built in cupboard will go
Built-in blue cupboard in alcove space

Empty corner space can be used to add a cupboard.

Before picture of installation of TV and shelving unit.
Floor to ceiling built in shelving unit and space to put TV

TV wall units  is ideal to create a customised feature wall.

Before picture pf empty wall
After picture of storage unit for books in living room.

A T-shape shelving unit.

Before picture of under stairs storage
Under stairs storage in hallway with 2 drawers.

A under stairs storage space.

Before installation picture of a built-in corner wardrobe Made by Bespoke Carpentry London.
After installation picture of a built-in corner wardrobe Made by Bespoke Carpentry London.

A corner wardrobe.

Before picture of walk in wardrobe
Built in walk in wardrobe, made with MDF and hand painted.

A built in warlk in wardrobe

Empty wall in space room
Large media unit in entertainment room

An entertainment centre.

Before picture of empty wall leading to living room
Built in L shape shelving in living room

A L shape shelving unit.

Before picture of a bedroom with a boiler next to an ensuite bathroom
Green built in wardrobe next to bathroom

Hide your boiler with a wardrobe.

Before space of wardrobe installation
Custom made wardrobe in a corner of the room

A corner wardrobe.

Before picture of new furniture installation
Built-in Cupboard with hidden desk and seating area.

A multifunctional wardrobe with seating and pull out desk.

Before picture of a wardrobe over the door
Built in green wardrobe over the door

Use every inch of space with an over the door wardrobe.

Empty white corner space
built in brown home office unit with shelves

Empty corner space ideal for a home office unit.