30 Ideas for your Alcove Wardrobes

In this blog you will find over 30 styles and ideas for your you fitted alcove wardrobes. All images are made with MDF.

2 white alcove wardrobes in bedroom next to fireplace.

In this bedroom, two newly fitted and freshly painted bright white wardrobes elegantly fill the alcoves, optimising storage space and freeing up floor space. The clean and minimalist design contributes to a serene and tranquil atmosphere, enhancing the bedroom’s Zen-like ambiance. We do love a bedroom space that is conducive to relaxation and rest.

White Built-In Alcove Wardrobe - made with MDF and hand-painted

A bespoke fitted alcove wardrobe. Inside, fitted clothing rails offer a convenient solution for hanging garments, ensuring they remain wrinkle-free and easily accessible. The tailored craftsmanship of this wardrobe not only optimises storage but also adds a touch of elegance to the room, making it a harmonious integration into the home’s aesthetic.

Fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney, floor to ceiling.

In this bedroom, two meticulously designed, floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes occupy the alcoves, maximising storage space while maintaining a clean and clutter free space. The room exudes tranquillity and invites relaxation, with its soft ambiance and thoughtful design choices.

Pink fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney

Two classic fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney, made with MDF.

White chimney fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney

Two classic shaker style wardrobes.

Built in alcove wardrobes in bedroom.

In this bedroom, each wardrobe is meticulously designed to optimise storage space and organisation. Inside, a clothing rail provides ample hanging space for garments, while built-in shelves offer storage for folded clothes or accessories.

Blue fitted alcove wardrobe in bedroom

In this bedroom, each wardrobe is meticulously designed to optimise storage space and organisation. Inside, a clothing rail provides ample hanging space for garments, while built-in shelves offer storage for folded clothes or accessories.

Fitted white alcove wardrobes

In this bedroom, two bespoke, chic and modern wardrobes fit perfectly into the alcoves. Painted in a crisp white hue, they stand in stylish contrast against the grey walls, creating a sleek look. The choice of white for the wardrobes ties them into the ceiling and picture rail colour, further enhancing the room’s sense of unity and sophistication.

Fitted blue alcove wardrobes in bedroom

This bedroom exudes a serene and inviting atmosphere with two bespoke made wardrobes fitted into the space. Each wardrobe is thoughtfully designed with fixed clothing rails and shelves, providing ample storage and organisation options for clothing and accessories.

Fitted Alcove wardrobe next to fireplace

In this bedroom, thoughtful design meets versatility with a wardrobe snugly built-in into the alcove recess. Specifically tailored for a teenage girl’s room, the wardrobe is not only functional but also designed to reflect her current style preferences.

Fitted Bedroom alcove wardrobes

In this picture, the bedroom boasts a clever and functional design with two floor-to-ceiling wardrobes built into the alcoves. This clever use of space maximises storage capacity, providing ample room to store clothes and bed linen, thus ensuring a clutter-free environment.

Fitted white alcove wardrobes, made with MDF

In this picture, two floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are skillfully integrated into the alcoves, making the most of the available space and providing abundant storage for clothes accessories. With the wardrobes fitted from floor to ceiling, there’s no wasted space, and the room is kept clutter-free and organised. This thoughtful storage solution offers practical benefits, making it easier to keep clothing and bedding neatly stored and easily accessible.

Fitted alcove wardrobes painted in green

Green alcove fitted wardrobes

Fitted left alcove cupboard and shelving alcove wardrobe on the right.

No matter your alcove space you can make it work! Take this bedroom for instance, a wardrobe on one side and a shelving unit and cabinet on the other side.

Alcove fitted wardrobes either side of fireplace

Many classical older homes have the chimney breast and fireplaces built through a bedroom or two. In this bedroom the bright white wardrobes offer a beautiful abundance of storage space allowing more free floor space.

2 alcove wardrobes

Two alcoves wardrobes are fitted into the alcoves, adding symmetry and balance to the space. Inside each wardrobe, fitted rails provide ample hanging space for clothing, ensuring a neat and organised appearance, whilst more storage positioned atop the wardrobes offers a practical solution for storing bed linen or other bulky items, maximising the room’s storage potential. The cohesive design of the wardrobes not only enhances functionality but also contributes to the room’s overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Bright blue fitted alcove wardrobes

Two striking royal blue wardrobes fitted snugly into the alcoves command attention as statement pieces of furniture. Their bold colour choice adds personality and vibrancy to the space, instantly drawing the eye. With ample storage space cleverly integrated into the alcoves, these wardrobes effectively offer storage while leaving plenty of floor space uncluttered, promoting a sense of openness and airiness within the room.

Built in alcove wardrobe in bedroom

Adding mirrors to your built-in alcove wardrobes helps distribute light into your bedroom, making it feel bigger and brighter.

Built-in wardrobe and bookshelf in kids bedroom in alcove units.

In many traditional homes, the alcoves are a natural feature in bedrooms. Making use of these alcoves in this child’s bedroom with a wardrobe one side for storing clothing, shoes and bed linen and the other a bookcase full of their favourite books is a fantastic balance. Leaving the rest of the floor space for playing. We offer alcove fitted wardrobes throughout London.

Grey painted alcove wardrobes

Two grey alcove wardrobes.

Fitted alcove wardrobe in corner of kid's bedroom.

In this bedroom, a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe fitted snugly into the alcove serves as a practical yet stylish solution to supply storage in a space-conscious environment. Its smooth integration not only provides ample room for storing belongings but also frees up valuable floor space, allowing for versatile use, whether for playing, practising playing piano, or simply enjoying an uncluttered environment.

Are you seeking to maximise space and add a touch of elegance to your UK home? Alcove wardrobes offer a perfect solution, blending functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. These bespoke fittings, nestled within the recesses of your bedroom, not only optimise storage but also enhance the overall charm of your living space. From classic designs to contemporary marvels, the realm of alcove wardrobes offers a plethora of styles and ideas to suit every taste and requirement.

Traditionalists may find solace in the timeless appeal of Shaker-style alcove wardrobes, characterised by their clean lines and simple yet sophisticated craftsmanship. For those inclined towards a more opulent vibe, Victorian-inspired designs with intricate detailing and ornate handles could be the epitome of elegance. Alternatively, minimalist enthusiasts might opt for sleek, handle-less designs, accentuated by muted tones and clever storage solutions, perfect for modern homes where space can be at a premium. Whether you prefer sliding doors, mirrored finishes, or integrated lighting, the versatility of alcove wardrobes allows for customization to match your individual style and needs.

From exterior to interior we tailor your alcove wardrobes and the design possibilities are as diverse as your imagination. Picture a combination of spacious drawers, meticulously crafted to accommodate your folded garments with ease, alongside sturdy rails to hang your favourite garments neatly. Fitted shelves for organising shoes, bags, or even displaying treasured accessories. For added functionality, imagine a discreetly positioned full-length mirror attached to the back of one of the doors, ensuring you can effortlessly check your OOTD before stepping out. With each element thoughtfully curated to suit your lifestyle and storage needs, your bespoke wardrobe becomes not just a practical solution, but a personalised sanctuary of style and organisation.

In conclusion, alcove wardrobes present a harmonious blend of functionality and style, offering transformative solutions. By utilising the often underutilised alcoves, these bespoke fittings not only enhance storage but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of any room. Whether you lean towards traditional, contemporary, or minimalist design aesthetics, there’s a wealth of ideas and styles to explore, ensuring that your alcove wardrobe becomes a perfect extension of your home’s personality and charm. To view more fitted alcove wardrobes click here.