30 Ideas for your Alcove Wardrobes

2 built in white alcove wardrobes in bedroom next to fireplace

In this bedroom, two newly fitted and freshly painted bright white wardrobes elegantly fill the alcoves, optimising storage space and freeing up floor space. The clean and minimalist design contributes to a serene and tranquil atmosphere, enhancing the bedroom’s Zen-like ambiance. We do love a bedroom space that is conducive to relaxation and rest.

Fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney breast

In this bedroom, two meticulously designed, floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes occupy the alcoves, maximising storage space while maintaining a clean and clutter free space. The room exudes tranquillity and invites relaxation, with its soft ambiance and thoughtful design choices.

Built-in alcove wardrobes in bedroom. Designed and installed by Bespoke Carpentry London

In this bedroom, each wardrobe is meticulously designed to optimise storage space and organisation. Inside, a clothing rail provides ample hanging space for garments, while built-in shelves offer storage for folded clothes or accessories.

Blue fitted alcove wardrobe in bedroom

In this baby’s bedroom, a serene and stylish atmosphere promotes a sense of tranquillity for both the baby and the new parents. The room is thoughtfully designed with a focus on functionality and organisation, evident in the bespoke fitted alcove shelving unit.

Fitted white alcove wardrobes

In this bedroom, two bespoke, chic and modern wardrobes fit perfectly into the alcoves. Painted in a crisp white hue, they stand in stylish contrast against the grey walls, creating a sleek look. The choice of white for the wardrobes ties them into the ceiling and picture rail colour, further enhancing the room’s sense of unity and sophistication.

Fitted blue alcove wardrobes in bedroom

This bedroom exudes a serene and inviting atmosphere with two bespoke made wardrobes fitted into the space. Each wardrobe is thoughtfully designed with fixed clothing rails and shelves, providing ample storage and organisation options for clothing and accessories.

Fitted Alcove wardrobe next to fire place

In this bedroom, thoughtful design meets versatility with a wardrobe snugly built-in into the alcove recess. Specifically tailored for a teenage girl’s room, the wardrobe is not only functional but also designed to reflect her current style preferences.

Fitted Bedroom alcove wardrobes

In this picture, the bedroom boasts a clever and functional design with two floor-to-ceiling wardrobes built into the alcoves. This clever use of space maximises storage capacity, providing ample room to store clothes and bed linen, thus ensuring a clutter-free environment.

What’s striking about the design is its attention to detail. The traditional coving, typically found on the ceiling, is seamlessly worked into the top of the wardrobes. This implementation creates a uniform and harmonious look, tying together the room’s architectural elements with its utility features. 

Fitted white alcove wardrobes, made with MDF

In this picture, two floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are skillfully integrated into the alcoves, making the most of the available space and providing abundant storage for clothes accessories. With the wardrobes fitted from floor to ceiling, there’s no wasted space, and the room is kept clutter-free and organised. This thoughtful storage solution offers practical benefits, making it easier to keep clothing and bedding neatly stored and easily accessible.

Fitted Alcove Wardrobe

No matter your alcove space you can make it work! Take this bedroom for instance, a wardrobe on one side and a shelving unit and cabinet on the other side.

Alcove fitted wardrobes either side of fireplace

Many classical older homes have the chimney breast and fireplaces built through a bedroom or two. In this bedroom the bright white wardrobes offer a beautiful abundance of storage space allowing more free floor space.

Built-in alcove wardrobe in bedroom

Adding mirrors to your built-in alcove wardrobes helps distribute light into your bedroom, making it feel bigger and brighter.

Built-in wardrobe and bookshelf in kids bedroom in alcove units.

In many traditional homes, the alcoves are a natural feature in bedrooms. Making use of these alcoves in this child’s bedroom with a wardrobe one side for storing clothing, shoes and bed linen and the other a bookcase full of their favourite books is a fantastic balance. Leaving the rest of the floor space for playing. We offer alcove fitted wardrobes throughout London.