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Best Alcove shelving, cupboards ideas in London

Thank you to all our clients for letting us showcase their new alcove units.

When it comes to optimising space and adding a touch of elegance to your home, bespoke alcove units are the perfect solution. These recessed spaces found in many homes, often go underutilised or become a challenge to decorate. However, with the right alcove unit, you can transform these spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing features in your home. In this article, we will explore the versatility and appeal of furniture alcove units and how they can enhance different types of homes.

All our alcove units are made with MDF wood and hand-painted.

Two alcove cabinets with floating shelves either side of fireplace

Mixing the old features with the new furniture = Harmony.

Custom made cabinets and shelves for childrens bedroom

In this children’s play room, there are fitted shelving units for books and storage cabinets for toys. By painting the bespoke furniture in the alcoves the same colour you get a uniform and clutter-free feel.

Custom made alcove cabinets

Utilising both alcoves with floating shelves gives you ample displaying options for books, plants, treasures and memories.

Fitted Alcove Cabinets on either side of chimney

Fitted bespoke shelving and cabinet units in the alcoves. Painting the furniture in the same colour as the walls means they naturally blend into the room.

Fitted Alcove Wardrobe

No matter your alcove space you can make it work! Take this bedroom for instance, a wardrobe on one side and a shelving unit and cabinet on the other side.

Fitted living room cabinets

In many traditional houses, modern homeowners prefer the open plan rooms, so by removing a wall between two rooms you can still utilise the empty space in the alcoves. Take this client’s room, adjacent to the kids play room you can mirror the theme of alcove furniture and build display and storage options.

Bookshelf and TV alcove cabinets either side of fireplace

The living room is a hub of activity and often there is a question as to where to put the TV for best viewing. Here these clients used one alcove to secure the flatscreen TV and display their loved DVDs and cherished instruments on the opposite side.

Fitted bookshelf in corner alcove unit

Calling all bookworms this is a reading corner to just fall in love with. By utilising the alcove and corner of this room with a bespoke bookshelf naturally draws you to this space to read and relax.

Bookcase alcove cabinets either side of fireplace

Painting the chimney breast a bold colour offsets the built in white furniture and makes it more into a feature wall. If your alcoves are not that deep then you can build the cabinets to maximise on storage space.

Two Alcove Cabinets either side of fireplace to store books and TV unit

Utilising the whole alcove space floor to ceiling and fitting shelves in them up to the coving offers you plenty of display room. Time to dust off those picture frames!

Living room alcove unit with shelving

Installing fitted strong shelves in this living rooms alcoves offers a wide range of display space - especially for those cards on your special day!

Green alcove cupboards in living room

Fitted shelving and cabinets are a popular choice of furniture in the alcoves as they compliment each other and give you the best of both worlds - storage and display functions.

FItted TV unit in alcove

If you have a living room with not a lot of floor space you can get creative like this and have one alcove for the settee and one for the storage unit to hide away any loose wires, DVDs and game consoles.

Fitted Alcove Wardrobe

Ensure you utilise every inch! No matter the size of your alcoves you can always get a bespoke piece of furniture to fit in there so it becomes a workable and helpful space for storage or display purposes.

Green fitted alcove units in living room, made with MDF

Creating a feature wall with furniture is one way to do it. By having the rest of the room in a neutral colour, you can bring attention to the feature wall with books and plants.

Blue alcove fitted units in living room

If you have limited rooms in your home and need to combine two room functions together, take advantage of the empty alcoves and install storage to save on floor space.

Alcove fitted wardrobes either side of fireplace

Many classical older homes have the chimney breast and fireplaces built through a bedroom or two. In this bedroom the bright white wardrobes offer a beautiful abundance of storage space allowing more free floor space.

Fitted wardrobe and bookshelf in kid_s bedroom in alcove units

In many traditional homes, the alcoves are a natural feature in bedrooms. Making use of these alcoves in this child’s bedroom with a wardrobe one side for storing clothing, shoes and bed linen and the other a bookcase full of their favourite books is a fantastic balance. Leaving the rest of the floor space for playing.

A pair of alcove cabinets with floating concealed bracket shelves. Made in MDF and hand painted in eggshell paint

If you have a busy household, then having built in furniture helps with all the hustle and bustle that occurs in the living room. It keeps books, DVDs, and treasures off the floor and in a dedicated space to be admired.

White alcove units in bedroom, hand-painted and made with MDF

Building floor to ceiling wardrobes maximises on your potential storage space and lessens dust collecting in empty areas. Building smaller cupboards above the wardrobe fully capitalises these alcoves.

Bedroom alcove wardrobes

Giving this traditional room a modern elegant twist with two beautifully bespoke wardrobes making the room feel cosy and cohesive.

Custom-made cabinets either side of fireplace

Fitting the shelves up to the picture rail in Victorian homes offers a cohesive look and clean lines in the living room and still gives ample storage and display purposes.

Pair of custom made cabinets

Depending on the style and set up of your living room, having an angled set of drawers to place the TV screen on gives you the luxury of being able to place your couch in front of it. So forget stiff necks!

A pair of cabinets with panel doors above shelving.-Made in MDF hand painted in eggshell paint

If you’re an avid reader, and lack floor space then investing in some bespoke fitted shelves in your alcoves might be the way forward.

Alcove cabinets either side of fireplace in living room

Here is an effortless way to create chic and sophisticated style with a pair of glass door cabinets, with shelves to store and display loved items or adult refreshments. Team that with wooden cabinets below to store the necessary but more unsightly objects. Affix candle holders with elegant candles on and et voilà a beautiful styled room.

Fitted alcove wardrobes next to chimney breast

Many traditional homes like this one have a built-in fireplace and then bay windows offering not much space to place a wardrobe. By utilising the space either side of the mantelpiece you can build bespoke floor to ceiling wardrobes helping you take advantage of the space for storage.

Alcove floating shelves

Create a modern yet artistic space for you to relax or create in. With these minimalistic style cabinets, they store all your needed items that need to be kept hidden whilst looking neat and orderly. Fitting LED lights in the alcove shelves helps brighten this feature wall.

Blue alcove cupboards next to fireplace

Rather than having a separate room dedicated for an office or lounge, you can combine the two by using the alcoves as separate areas for different functions. Take this room, where a desk and fitted floating shelves offer ample space to display your books or board games. And on the other side a set of cabinets above and below the TV allows for storage and for a space to watch your favourite series on.

Blue alcove cupboard next to fireplace

Are you utilising every space? Every nook and cranny? Consider fitting bespoke cabinets or bookshelves in the natural alcoves of a room as this can capitalise on more floor space and less clunky furniture. If you don’t want to make a big feature out of the newly fitted furniture, a top tip is to paint it the same colour as the walls for a more cohesive theme.

Alcove shelving storage unit

Whether you have a traditional or more modern home, bespoke made-to-measure furniture built-in the empty alcoves allows you as a homeowner to invest in your home and help maximise your storage and display options.

White alcove shelving for books

Whatever unique under-utilised space you have in a room - style it with fitted shelves and a cabinet for a more useful and helpful space for you. In this room, bespoke shelves and cabinets were fitted in this empty area next to the protruding chimney to fully utilise it fully.

Built in alcove cabinets

It’s all about symmetry. This clever usage of cabinets and a shelf helps this family to store all the children’s toys and display their books for a sleek and tidy lounge.

White alcove cupboards next to chimney breast

Many homeowners are now knocking through the walls in two rooms in their traditional home to open up the space and make it one. By building shelves and cabinets in the alcoves and in the following room, you can still keep the theme of each room cohesive and clutter free.

Fitted alcove shelving in living room

If you are not a massive fan of big furniture and you have many items that need displaying or stored, having floor to ceiling built-in furniture such as these shelves can help you maximise on more floor space.

Grey painted alcove wardrobes in bedroom

Turning an unwanted and unused space into a beautiful and useful one makes any resident happy. Having hand-crafted bespoke wardrobes fitted in the alcoves gives the space a purpose. Long wooden handles like these will never fail to make an impact.

Fitted white alcove wardrobes

If you are stuck for storage options, choosing custom-made floor to ceiling wardrobes addresses the lack of storage space. Painting the wardrobes the same colour keeps the colour palette the same and synchronised.

Fitted alcove shelving and dresser table

This multipurpose fitted furniture piece in the bedroom alcove provides storage, display and even a dresser to do your makeup in the morning.

Fitted brown alcove cupboard in living room

Small cabinets have been built in the living room alcoves in this traditional home. One side offers a green velvet seat with a cabinet underneath, with its twin being a place for the TV to sit, a space for the BT box and a cabinet to hide all the wires and consoles.

Fitted alcove cupboard with TV Unit

Making use of this alcove was a clever move from the homeowner as the living room and dining room are one space meaning it can feel cramped. Allocating specific areas for separate functions means the space stays organised and the under-utilised alcove is brought to life with the cabinets for storage, TV to stand on and fitted bookshelves overhead.

Alcove Units for Small Apartments:

In compact apartments, space optimisation is key. Alcove units can be customised to fit perfectly into small alcoves, providing valuable storage and display space. From fitted shelves to built-in desks with hidden compartments, alcove units can maximise storage while maintaining a minimalistic and uncluttered feel.

Alcove Units for Victorian Homes:

Victorian homes often feature beautiful architectural details, including traditional fireplaces. Incorporating furniture alcove units into the open spaces beside the fireplace can complement the aesthetic while adding a contemporary twist. Consider installing a stunning bookcase or a display cabinet that seamlessly integrates with the period features, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Alcove Units for Modern Interiors:

In modern homes, clean lines and simplicity are key design elements. Alcove units can be designed with sleek finishes and minimalist designs to complement the overall contemporary aesthetic. Consider installing floating shelves or a media unit with hidden wiring, providing a seamless and clutter-free look that enhances the modern appeal of your space.

Alcove Units for Eclectic Homes:

If your home showcases an eclectic mix of styles and influences, alcove units can be a versatile addition. Use open shelves in your alcoves to display a collection of vibrant artwork, decorative objects, or plants. Mix and match different textures and materials to create a visually appealing and unique alcove unit that reflects your personal style.

Alcove Units for Home Offices:

As remote work continues to gain popularity, having a dedicated home office is becoming increasingly essential. Alcove units can be transformed into efficient and stylish workspaces by installing a built-in desk with ample storage options such as drawers, compartments, and cable management systems. This setup will help you create a functional and organised workspace within the confines of your alcove.

Alcove Units for Entertainment Areas:

Alcoves adjacent to living rooms or entertainment areas can be utilised to create custom entertainment units. Consider installing a media centre with open shelves for displaying books or decorative pieces, along with concealed compartments for storing electronic devices and cables. This will keep your entertainment area organised while adding a touch of elegance to the room.

Furniture alcove units are a versatile and practical solution for all types of homes. Whether you live in a small apartment, a Victorian home, a modern space, or an eclectic abode, alcove units can be tailored to suit your style and functional needs. By transforming these often-neglected spaces into focal points, you can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. So, explore the possibilities and unlock the potential of your alcoves with furniture alcove units.

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